English Week, October 7 - 11, 2013

English Week, October 7 - 11, 2013


A Wonderful English Week

We had an absolutely wonderful week at our school. Before that I decided to accommodate one of the University students who were coming to our school for this project. I selected a Brazilian student because I had biographies of all of them available and I saw that the Brazilian student has the same hobbies like me. On Sunday October 6 we we picked our foreign guests up from last host families at the place Náměstí SNP for that week. It was the first time I saw her and we had really great conversation in the car. We introduced ourselves to each other and she said that she was so excited because we had the same hobbies and I could speak English very well. Her host families, she had had before, weren’t good because they couldn’t speak English so well and that´s why there had been no entertainment at all. She really liked my dog!
First day of school she was full of expectations because I told her that our school is the best. She had visited really bad schools before and so she was bored and scared of English at Czech schools. After we had come to our school, she said “wow”. She was so grateful for our school. She said that our English teachers were the first English teachers she had met who can speak English here in the Czech Republic. It seems funny but it’s real. On the first day we had an interesting programme about her country. I have never known about Brazil as much as now.
Other days of school we had a lot of competitions and they were so funny. Of course after school we had a programme together and we enjoyed it a lot. Hiking, cycling, music, bowling, dancing, etc…
At the end of the week our Brazilian team won the second place of all competititors. We were so happy! On Friday afternoon I took her to the railway station because she was leaving. We were sad but we´ll keep in touch.

Patrik Neuwirth, student of 2. A

The Week of Languages – Report

October 7 was the beginning of the "English Week" Event, which lasted the entire week.
But it actually began when all students were split into teams with 8 foreigners, all from different countries, and once that was done all teams were given a classroom to use as their headquarters for the whole week. And when everyone eventually managed to find a way to their classrooms the introductions began. Then we were told to make a presentation about our country, which turned out to be pretty hard but then again we had the entire day to prepare it.
The next day we had little time to finish our preparations for the presentation and we were also told to create a description for the photos of the previous day. Once that was done all teams presented their work one by one. When that was over, teachers prepared a simple yet quite challenging competition for us, each team had to choose three competitors from their team and then they were sent one by one to sit in front of the audience, meanwhile, their team had to explain the words appearing on the interactive board without using the word itself or its root. But that was not all because there was also a fourth bonus round in which the leader would be a forth competitor.
On Wednesday we were greeted with a quiz related to the content of the presentations, which took about 10 minutes to finish. Once we finished that activity, we were told to think of some comments to add to the photos taken the day before again. And then we had to learn to sing the national anthem of the country our team represented, which turned out to be so complicated that it actually took the rest of the day.
Another day came and after some improvements were made, and more photos were commented on, each team was more or less ready to show us the results of their work, which turned out pretty good actually but that was not all, as our knowledge of foreign countries was tested in a competition known as “riskuj”. Later on, our teachers told us to prepare a sketch for tomorrow based on a situation that could happen to a foreigner in country of our team leaders.
Finally Friday was here and we received more photos to comment on, but after we got that over with we finished preparing our sketch and somewhat prepared we went downstairs to act it out.
And then we had one last competition to deal with "pantomima" perhaps one of if not the most difficult things we had to that week, yet again each team then had to choose three people who would try their best to act out a word they picked. This one was the turning point in the whole week because it decided about the winners. After that was finished there was only one thing left to do, and that was the announcement of the results which turned out to be my job. Then we said goodbye to our foreign friends and went home.

Jan Romportl, student of 3. A

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