E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Environment – Video – Our only one Earth

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1 Watch the video and jot down environmental terms and places (sceneries) you see:


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2 Work in small groups and try to prepare definitions for the terms and descriptions of the sceneries you have. Then discuss it in the class:

3 There were these sentences in the video:

What should we do? What can we do? We can study and learn. We should study for our future. Learn the cause. Study the present situation. And imagine the future. To protect our only one Earth. When we finish our studying, let´s turn our knowledge to the action. We have unlimited possibilities to heal our Earth. We have to colaborate. Every country has to colaborate. If we unite into one, we can see more people laugh. More people will be happy. Joy! We have to leave a utopia. For our children.


Discuss them:

  • Do you agree with the sentences? Why?
  • Can studies really help to heal our planet?
  • Do you find the quotations optimistic?
  • Are you optimistic about the future of Earth?
  • What can we do to help?
  • Are you ready to help?

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