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Czech cuisine – Reading and speaking

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1 Read the article below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap:


Czech cuisine – the art of creating superb dishes from simple ingredients

Czech cuisine will come as a pleasant surprise to gourmets. 1 ………………. the cuisine shows influences from neighbouring countries (Hungary, Austria and Germany), the greatest inspiration remains traditional old Bohemian recipes. The basis of Czech food are ingredients 2 ……………….. could be grown at home – above all grains, pulses, potatoes and meat. From these seemingly simple ingredients superb and imaginative dishes were made which can only be found in Czech cuisine. These include Czech dumplings, a rich selection of sauces and soups, sirloin in cream and the signature dish, pork and dumplings with sauerkraut.

Soup forms the foundations

The eating habits of those who inhabit the Czech lands 3 ………………… little from those in other European countries. Three meals are eaten in the course of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main meal of the day for most Czechs is lunch. 4 ………………. at home or in a restaurant, lunch usually consists of three courses: soup, a main dish and dessert (or salad). Soup forms the foundations of any meal, say Czech mothers to their children.  Broth with homemade noodles and liver dumplings is a common dish at wedding receptions. In 5 ………………….. to clear broths, Czech cooks can also make excellent thick soups made with meat, vegetables and pulses, e. g. potato soup, goulash soup, or tripe soup.


Meat, meat, meat…

Meat is an ever-present on Czech menus. The most 6 ………………….. types of meat to appear on your plate will be pork, poultry and beef. Less common are mutton, game and fish .

Beef is normally served with 7 ……………….. kinds of sauces. Sauces are one of the signature components of Czech cooking, e. g tomato, horseradish, mushroom, dill, famous sirloin in cream sauce. Other typical Czech dishes are roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut and pork schnitzel fried in breadcrumbs and served with potato salad. Sausages and alike aren’t exactly diet food, but many Czechs could not 8 ………………… mealtimes without them. Salami or ham with bread or rolls is a common breakfast, snack or cold dinner.

Old Bohemian dishes are for example roast duck or goose with sauerkraut. Chicken forms a regular meal in Czech households and is prepared in traditional and more exotic 9 ………………….. .

It would seem that those who like fish do not have much to choose 10 …………….. in a Czech restaurant, but even in this area there are several Czech specialities e. g. Carp, trout, eel and pike.


Czech vegetarian dishes 11 ………………. fried cauliflower, mushroom omelette, egg and dumplings and fried cheese.


Dumplings are made in other places other than the Czech Republic, but the Czech version has the right to be called unique. Apart from the classic dumpling made from dough, there are so-called ‘hairy’ dumplings (made with raw potatoes) and potato dumplings.


Potatoes have 12 ………………… such a part of Czech cuisine that there are countless way of preparing them. In addition to chips and mashed and boiled potatoes, why not try a typical accompaniment to meat or goulash – potato cakes.

Anyone for dessert?

Even in the dessert category we begin with dumplings. Sweet dumplings are filled with fruit. And what about buns filled with vanilla sauce, or pancakes with fruit or marmalade.


Regional specialities are part of our tradition

Regional specialities are one reason to strike out on a gastronomic tour of the Czech Republic: Prague Ham,  South Bohemia´s Carp farms; Pardubice gingerbread, mature Olomouc Cheese, frgále, large circular tarts with several fillings are a speciality of the Wallachian Region.


The increasing influence of international cuisine

In the past, Czech cuisine was criticised for 13 …………… fresh vegetables and fish and for being too high in calories. In the past few years a lot has changed. The influence of international cuisine can now be felt in restaurants and on dinner tables in ordinary Czech families. Italian cuisine has become popular with its      14 ……………….. on the finest raw ingredients; Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants have sprung up all over the place. In large towns and cities in particular you can now eat in luxurious restaurants, authentic Czech pubs and in fast food chains.

( )


1   A Because                          B Inspite of                        C Although                        D As

2   A they                                 B which                              C what                              D who

3   A different                         B other                               C differ                              D else

4   A Whether                         B While                              C If                                     D When

5   A advance                          B rise                                  C offer                              D addition

6 A normal                            B common                         C obvious                         D average

7   A varied                              B variety                            C various                           D variable

8   A see                                   B imagine                          C introduce                       D appear

9   A ways                                B manners                         C fashions                         D styles

10   A for                                    B out                                  C on                                 D from

11   A count                               B content                           C include                           D contain

12   A gone                                B become                          C happened                      D appeared

13   A missing                           B lacking                            C failing                             D vanishing

14   A emphasis                        B accent                             C insistence                       D stress


2 Discussion:

  • Are you able to translate the names of the Czech specialities into your mother tongue?
  • What was said about the Czech cuisine in the article? Was is it positive?
  • What do you agree / disagree with? Why?
  • What do you think of our cuisine? What do you like / dislike about it?
  • What would you recommend a foreign friend to try in the Czech Republic?
  • Can you cook any of the mentioned dishes? Do you know the recipe?
  • Do you think that foreign tourists like our cuisine?
  • Which cuisine(s) do you like / prefer? Why?


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