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Nationalism Cartoons - Speaking

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Patriotism, Nationalism - Cartoons

Go through the following cartoons and try to answer the questions:

  • Which of them do you find the best? Why?
  • Is there some cartoon you do not understand? Which, why?
  • Are cartoons about patriotism and nationalism popular? Why? Do you know some similar? Can you describe it to your friends?
  • Do you experience some strange or funny situation that can be described in the terms of nationalism? Can you turn it into a joke or a cartoon?
  • What is the logic behind these cartoons? What are they mostly based upon?
  • What are typical stereotypes connected with nationalism and patriotism? Can you find them in these cartoons? Are English/American stereotypes same as Czech ones?
  • Do Czech and English/American cartoons differ? How?

20040721                        arc41


bgrn1452l                                 cza0396l


dpan888l                                 forn487l


hsc3816l                ILLEGALS_AND_JOBS_OBAMACARTOON


jcon780l.jpg                   jfa0174l


jfa1402l                  jfa1418l


jfa2786l.jpg                         jlv0033l


obama-mccain-patriotism-tmwha080701      Patriotism_vs._Petroleum_


rhan1467l            sbo0373l


shu0282l             twin401l


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