E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Animals - A riddle (M)

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 1 Prepare a riddle about an animal:

You have now about 10 minutes to describe an animal without mentioning its name – Where does it live? What lifestyle does it have? What does it look like? What does it eat? Is it a dangerous animal? What are its features? Who are its enemies? ...

2 Now present your riddles to your classmates and try to guess what animals are being described.

Example: The animal can be big or small. It has 4 legs. Different species have different colours. It has a tail that can be long or short. It has a perfect sense of smell. It is a carnivore. It lives on all continents except for Antarctica. It lives in packs (small groups) in the wild. It is mostly domesticated. It is said that it is a man´s best friend.


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