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Commercials (M)

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Commercials                                                                                 Colgate_Smile

1 Class discussion:

  • Do you like commercials? Why?
  • Do they affect you?
  • What´s your parents´ opinion about commercials?
  • What commercials do you find clever / stupid? Why?
  • Are commercials important?
  • What is the difference between the commercials for men / women and kids?

2 You will see two commercials for one product. The one is old, the other new. Compare them:

  • What are the differences?
  • Which one do you prefer? Why?


The old one:



The new one:




3 Watch the commercials once again and try to catch the main slogans:

4 Work in small groups and prepare your own commercial. Then act out your spot.

5 Class discussion:

  • Which spot did you like most? Why?
  • Would you buy the product?

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