E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Description of a person – Reading, describing pictures, speaking

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1 Read the following description from “The Dream“ by W. Somerset Maugham and then try to retell the story and describe the presented character:


stout = zavalitý, podsaditý

vast = obrovský

pouch = vak, mošna

conceal = skrýt

baldness = plešatost

sallow = nažloutlý

indecent = nepatřičný, necudný

nakedness = nahota

neatly = upraveně, úhledně

worn = obnošený

shabby = omšelý, ubohý


… The trans-Siberian was due to start, so far as I remember, at about nine in the evening. I dined at the station restaurant by myself. It was crowded and I shared a small table with a man whose appearance entertained me. He was a Russian, a tall fellow but amazingly stout, and he had so vast a pouch that he was obliged to sit well away from the table. His hands, small for his size, were buried in rolls of fat. His hair, long, dark and thin, was brushed carefully across his crown in order to conceal his baldness, and his huge sallow face with its enormous double chin, clean-shaven gave you an impression of indecent nakedness. His nose was small, a funny little button upon that mass of flesh, and his black shining eyes were small too. But he had a large, red and sensual mouth. He was dressed neatly enough in a black suit. It was not worn but shabby; it looked as if had been neither pressed nor brushed since he had had it...


2 Work in pairs. Choose one of the following pictures and prepare a similar description. Then present it to the class.








3 Discussion

  • Whose description did you find the best? Why?

  • How important is appearance to you? Do you judge people on their appearances?

  • Who do you consider absolutelly attractive / unattractive? Why?

  • Do you think that attractive people have an easier life?



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