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Maturita Practice - European Union

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Maturita practice – European Union


This exercise should serve you as a test of your knowledge for oral part of maturita exam.

Speak for about five minutes on your own about European Union. You should use suggestions and pictures listed below:

  • Brief EU history
  • Member states
  • Institutions
  • Symbols
  • Everyday life in the EU (e.g. travel and tourism, work, education, currency)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of European Union membership for the Czech Republic
  • Changes the European Union has brought to the Czech Republic
  • Effect of Czech membership of the European Union on your personal life


Now try to answer these questions concerning the topic European Union:

  • How many member states does the EU have at the moment? Can you name the member states?
  • What is the Schengen Agreement? How does it affect travelling in Europe?
  • When did the Czech Rep. join the EU?
  • What are the main goals/aims of the EU?
  • Can you name a city connected with the governing EU institutions?
  • What countries would like to join the EU?
  • What is your opinion on accession of Turkey to the EU?
  • Do you know any projects the EU has helped finance in the CR?
  • What are some of the opportunities that the EU offers Czech students?
  • How does the fact that the CR is a part of the EU affect you when you travel abroad?
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