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The Gods Must Be Crazy – Conversation, video, pictures

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1 Discussion:

  • How do you understand the heading?
  • What gods are meant?
  • How do / did people imagine gods?
  • Have you ever read a religious book?
  • What religions do you know? Are you able to characterise them?
2 Watch the first part of the film “ The Gods Must Be Crazy“:

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3 Discuss the video with your partners:

  • What was said about Kalahari Desert?
  • What animals live there?
  • What information did you get about the bushmen?
  • What do their gods do?
  • And what about good and evil?
  • What was said about their social life?
  • How do they bring up their children?
  • How do they hunt for meat?
  • Do they know possession?
  • What materials do they use?
  • How did the authors describe the civilised people?
  • How did you like the way they compared modern lifestyle with the one of the bushmen?
  • What do you think of the bushmen? Have you known about them before?
  • Do you know the film? If yes, could you tell the story?


4 Describe and comment on the following pictures:




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