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Maturita Practice - USA I

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Maturita practice – The United States I

This exercise should serve you as a test of your knowledge for oral part of maturita exam.

Speak for about five minutes on your own about the topic the United States – geography. You should use suggestions and pictures listed below.

  • Geography (Location, Landscape, Climate)
  • Demography (People, Cities, Language, Religion, etc.)
  • Political system and isntitution
  • Political parties and leaders
  • Industry and agriculture
  • Other


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Picture key: White House in Washington - seat of US President; Bald Eagle - national symbol; Niagara Falls - border of Canadian province Ontario and US state of New York; Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, built 1933 - 37; Bill Clinton, US President 1993 - 2001; Barack Obama, US president since 2009; Bannock Indians, Idaho; Route 66 sign; Silicon Valley Companies; Cape Canaveral, Florida; George Bush Jr., US President 2001 - 2008; Great Salt Lake, Utah; US cars producers logos; US Capitol, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada; John Fitzgerald Kennedy, US President 1961 - 1963; Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona; 11/9/01, New York Twin Towers; Stars and Stripes or Stars-Spangled Banner; Statue of Liberty, New York

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