E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Writing a Story

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Writing a Story



  • Each student writes one word, preferably a noun, on a paper. Then the teacher collects them and rewrites them on the blackboard.
  • Students now make couples; every couple have to write a story in which they use all the letters. The story should have the same number of sentences as given words; however it is possible to use two obligatory words in one sentence. The students have to begin the story with “Once upon a time ....” and end with “... and so they lived happily ever after”.
  • The students should use continuous and simple past tense.
  • Read all the stories aloud.

Now discuss:

  • Whose story do you like the most? Why?
  • Whose story is the strangest one?
  • Was there some word that was really hard to use in your story? Why?
  • Is there something common to all the stories? Do they have similar character? What is it?
  • Is it better for you to cooperate on writing with your classmate? Would you prefer to work alone? Why, why not?
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