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Paulo Coelho – Video and conversation

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1 Discussion

  • Do you know Paulo Coelho?
  • Have you read a book by him?


2 Watch the videos with Paulo Coelho and read the scripts below if necessary:


warrior = bojovník

reason = důvod

somehow = jaksi

struggle = bojovat

contradiction = rozpor


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„Everybody on Earth has a reason to be here. And my reason is to be a writer. The metaphor for journey is the metaphor for life. We are here taking this journey from birth to death. And what shall we do? Shall we run to the end, to the goal, to death? No, we have to enjoy the journey. So, every single moment is a secret one. We have to be very careful if give  attention to the world around us and above all we have to know the reason why we are here. And the reason why we are here I call a personal legend.  All my characters somehow have a reason to be here and have to struggle to find their place under the sun. Which they do. And of course, they have to pay high price.“


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„People use to think that there is a great great contradiction between spirituality and the real world. Let´s take this world of spirituality aside. We live in a world full of things. But this world is also surrounded by emotions. You know that there´s emotion floating around me. You cannot separate reality, the physical reality from the non-physical reality. Let put this away. Because when people try to separate the spirituality and reality, okay, then you put names to things that should remain in the realm of the mystery. But if you talk about emotions and physical things, then you get much more close to the things that I went to express in my books, mostly in the Alchemist. Go ahead, follow your dream, don´t stop, don´t feel that you reach the air of heaven. Don´t be satisfied, try to live as intensively as you could, but understanding that at the end there will be an answer. This answer is for your classic question: Who am I?“


3 Conversation:

  • Could you try to summarize the main ideas?
  • Do you like this ideas?
  • Is it possible to live according to them?
  • Do you know a similar author?
  • Do you like reading philosophical or psyhological books? Or watching such films?

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