E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Video and speaking – We are all one family

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1 Watch the first short video.

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plenty = spousta

source = zdroj

expand = rozšiřovat (se)

further = dál

fix = upevnit, napravit


2 Describe and comment on the video.

  • What did  you see? Try to tell a story of what the video says.
  • What does it mean? Try to put the meaning into your own words.
  • What is the video´s message?
  • Did you like the video?



3 Now watch the second video.


currently = v současné době

orphanage = sirotčinec

foster care = pěstounská péče

fit in = pasovat, hodit se


4 Discussion:

  • What was the video about?
  • What information did you get?
  • Are you surprised by the numbers?
  • How do you think the children happen to be orphans?
  • What is their life like?
  • Do you believe that poor people are sadder than rich people (or rich people happier than poor people)?
  • Are we poor? Do we face serious problems in our country?
  • In which countries do you think the problem of poverty is the most serious?
  • How can we help them?
  • Do you or your parents support any charity organization? In what way (money, voluntary work etc.)?  Is it a good idea?
  • Do you share the idea of brotherhood of all people, nations, beings expressed by many wise people in history?


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