E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Travel Guide - Mexico

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1 Watch a video about travelling in Mexico.


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incredible = neuvěřitelný

rainforest = deštný prales

spectacular = působivý

vital = plný života

wide = široký

array = sada, soubor

crammed = přecpaný, namačkaný

multitude = množství, spousta

glitzy = pompézní

humid = vlhký

2 Conversation:

  • What can you remember from the video?

  • What can you do, visit, enjoy while travelling to Mexico?

  • How big is Mexico?

  • Why is it attractive for tourists?

  • What is the central point in Mexican lifestyle?

  • What did you like about the video?

  • Would you like to travel there? Why?

3 Now work in small groups. Prepare a short presentation about a travel destination of your choice similar to the one seen in the video.

  • Where (destination, basic information, … )? What (sights, leisure, specialities, … )? Why?

  • Don´t forget to attach some nice pictures.

4 Present your tourist guides and discuss them.

  • Did you like the presentations? Why?

  • Which one was the best? Why?

  • Would you like to travel to any of the presented destinations? Why?


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