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Life´s balancing act – Speaking and roleplay

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1 Discussion:

  • Is your life balanced?
  • Is it possible to lead a balanced life nowadays?
  • Why are people so often stressed, depressed?
  • What do they do in these states?
  • How do these emotions affect our lives / health?


2 There are a few pictures and diagrams below. Go through them in pairs, explain their meanings and comment on them. Express your own ideas and opinions:


relief = úleva, ulehčení, pomoc

self-awareness = vědomí si sebe sama, sebevědomí

connectedness =spojitost

purpose = cíl, úmysl, smysl

nutrition = výživa

attitude = postoj, přístup

negotiate = jednat, dohodnout, vypořádat se

procrastination = odkládání, otálení

responsibility = odpovědnost

sweat = zde: potit krev za

option = možnost

strive = usilovat

content = náplň, obsah









3 Class discussion:

  • What conclusions have you made?
  • What is the most important factor in life´s balancing?
  • What other ideas have you found to help balance one´s life?
  • What do you personally do?


4 Work in different pairs. Prepare a roleplay. You are two friends – one of you has a problem, the other is trying to help him / her. Think about a problem, possible solutions, advice, reliefs.

5 Act out your roleplays. Comment on them together in the class.





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