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Weird Hobby Hall of Fame

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The Weird Hobby Hall of Fame

Read the article and put parts of sentneces into it:

a, since I buy one every time I see one

b, plus it comes in handy

c, but they always come to me when they need an adhesive

d, much less collects them

e, besides coming up with new routines all the time

f, as part of a church ministry

g, and besides, if everyone took up my hobby

h, It's stiff and doesn't breathe very well.

Discuss these questions:

Which of these hobbies do you find the strangest? Why?

Which of three teenagers would you like to meet? What would you ask her?

Do you know somebody whose hobby seems weird or strange? Describe his/her hobby.



Tracy Earley, 16
Richmond, Virginia

"Ever met anybody who wears a red nose and floppy shoes for fun?" Tracy asks. "That's me! I'm a clown!"

Tracy got into clowning ……..(1). She's still part of that group, and she's also started clowning around at kids' birthday parties. She can tie animal balloons, ride a unicycle, paint faces, juggle and do magic tricks.

One of the toughest things about clowning, ……(2) , is the expense—a pair of clown shoes alone costs over $200. But Tracy still loves her hobby. "I love making people laugh!" she says. "In the serious, fast-paced world we live in, clowning is a way to relax and have fun. ……(3) during boring moments at school. Sometimes in the middle of a really slow day, I gather up things to juggle from my friends' backpacks and liven up the class a bit!"


Skunk Enthusiast 

Brittany Miller, 21
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Collecting stuffed animals isn't that uncommon a hobby. But collecting skunks is something else. "I have never met another person who even likes skunks— ………(4)," Brittany says.

Because there aren't too many collectors with Brittany's taste, the toys can be pretty tough to locate. "You can find plenty of miniature dogs, stuffed bunnies and model horses, but skunks aren't as common," she says. "It seems, though, that there are starting to be more and more. ……(5), skunk producers are probably starting to think they're a hot item!" Which is fine with her, as long as skunk supply continues to exceed skunk demand. "If everyone collected skunks, my hobby wouldn't seem as special to me," she says. "……..(6), there would be fewer skunks out there for me to collect!"


Duct Tape Artist

Melody Williams, 17
Greers Ferry, Arkansas

As you can see, Melody's hobby is duct tape art. Her creations include shoes, clothes, jewelry, cards and sculptures — even a model of Shakespeare's Globe theater (which later became a home for her pet turtle, Shelley).

Most people aren't quite sure what to make of Melody's fascination with duct tape. "They laugh and mock me," she says, " …………. (7)"

Laughter isn't the only difficulty Melody encounters while pursuing her hobby. "Duct tape is very sticky," she says. "When I was making my skirt, I had a lot of problems with it sticking to itself in places it wasn't supposed to. Also, wearing duct tape is slightly uncomfortable. …………(8)

Not that any of these drawbacks have diminished her love for the "handyman's friend." She's even written a song about it:

I have to say that my world is gray,
not because of compromises made
or morals in the shade,
but because of a sticky tape
and the way it takes shape.
There are so many uses
and not many abuses
of this great sticky mess
the component of my dress …
Ode to duct tape, my best friend;
Ode to duct tape,
may the gray never end.

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