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How to prepare for a job interview – video and speaking

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1 Watch the video twice and the try to answer the following questions:

1 What is the speaker going to talk about?

2 Why are some questions misleading?

3 What are you expected to answer?

4 What do they want to hear while asking you about your strenghts and weaknesses?


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2 Did you understand the following expressions? But don´t translate them into your mother tongue but try to paraphrase / explain them in English or to find a synonym:

misleading –

environment –

friendliness –

specialize –

public relations -

customer service –

strength –

weakness –

apply –

work force -

figure out –

importance –

3 Now work in small groups and think of more questions (at least 7) which you would ask an applicant for a job in your fictive company.

4 Now join a partner from another group and ask answer each other´s questions.

5 Class discussion:

  • What questions did you ask?
  • Were you able to answer those questions properly / professionally?
  • Which questions do you consider accurate? Why?
  • What is important while asking such questions? (style, grammar, topic / target, … )
  • Is it possible to prepare for a job interview? How?
  • Have you ever taken part in a job interview? Where? What was your impression?
  • How would you prepare for an important interview? What is necessary to make a good impression?


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