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Planning Cartoons - Speaking

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Planning - Cartoons


Go through the following cartoons and try to answer the questions:

  • Which of them do you find the best? Why?
  • Is there some cartoon you do not understand? Which, why?
  • Are cartoons about making plans popular? Why? Do you know some similar? Can you describe it to your friends?
  • Do you experience some strange and funny situation when planning the future? Can you turn it into cartoon or joke?
  • What is the logic behind these cartoons? What are they mostly based upon?
  • What are typical stereotypes connected with making plans? Can you find them in these cartoons? Are English/American stereotypes same as Czech ones?
  • Do Czech and English/American jokes/cartoons differ? How?


0235bwc               1993-02-02




2004-03-10                 2007-04-05


2009-04-22                     aton507l


aton1244l                    CartoonQ94_HangingFailure_copy


chickenplanning                grin184l


jkn0121l                 laln368l.jpg


mban1101l                      mpen286l.jpg


pha0317l            rde2369l.jpg


rde6209l.jpg                    rde6513l.jpg


rde7226l.jpg                rde7359l.jpg


rte0168l                   shr0546l



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