E-learning jako vzdělávací nástroj školy 3. tisíciletí

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Maturita Practice - National Cuisines; Eating Out I

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Maturita practice – National Cuisines; Eating Out

This exercise should serve you as a test of your knowledge for oral part of maturita exam.

Speak for about five minutes on your own about national cuisines and eating out. You should use suggestions and pictures listed below:

  • Czech cuisine (eating habits, meals of a day, traditional dishes, drinks, Christmas dinner, etc.)
  • Great Britain
  • The USA
  • Compare the cuisines
  • Healthy/unhealthy
  • Eating out/home cooking/ready-made dishes
  • Other


Now try to answer these questions concerning the topic national cuisines and eating out:

  • What do you like / dislike about Czech cuisine? Why?
  • How would you describe Czech cuisine? (typical ingredients, taste, health, etc.)
  • How many times a day do we eat?
  • What do you know about eating habits in English-speaking countries? How many times a day do they eat?
  • What is the difference between dinner and supper?
  • Which cuisine is the healthiest? Why?
  • Which cuisine(s) do you like / prefer? Why?
  • Do you buy ready-made dishes?
  • Do you often go to fast food restaurants?


a                                   b


c                 d


e                   f


g                 h

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