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Health and diseases – conversation

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  • What does the expression „health“ mean to you? Is it connected only with body?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you often go to see a doctor / dentist? How often? Why?
  • Are you afraid of  dentists?
  • Are you often ill?
  • Which diseases do you often have? What do you do then?
  • Have you ever been injured?
  • Have you ever been to hospital?
  • Describe a hospital.
  • In which season are people mostly ill?
  • Do you keep a healthy lifestyle?
  • What is ‘healthy‘?
  • What illnesses do you know (children / civilisation / common illnesses)?
  • Which offers a better service - public or private medicine?
  • What are the most serious medical problems in the Czech Republic / in the world?
  • Do you (or your family) often go to the chemist´s?
  • Would you like to be a doctor?
  • What do you think of alternative medicine?
  • Do you take any vitamines? Is it good to take them regularly?
  • Do you watch any serials about doctors?
  • Do you know any famous doctors?



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