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Maturita Practice - Housing

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Maturita practice – Housing


This exercise should serve you as a test of your knowledge for oral part of maturita exam.

Speak for about five minutes on your own about housing in the Czech Republic and in the United Kingdom. You should use suggestions and pictures listed below:

  • Types of dwellings in the Czech Republic and in English-speaking countries
  • Design, materials, rooms, equipment
  • Costs, mortgage, rent, etc.
  • Locality, connections, life standard, atmosphere
  • Life in a town / in the country – compare
  • Changes in housing in the course of centuries
  • Other


Now try to answer these questions concerning the topic housing in the Czech Republic and in the United Kingdom:

  • What types of dwellings do the most Czechs live in?
  • How are houses / flats in the Czech Republic organized?
  • What can you say about housing standard in the Czech Republic?
  • Where are the costs of houses / flats cheaper, in towns or in the country? Why is that?
  • Do a lot of people in the Czech Republic have mortgages? Why?
  • What types of dwellings are there in the UK /USA?
  • Why do the most houses in Britain have the same design?
  • Compare and contrast the houses in the pictures below. Which one would you personally prefer? Why?
  • Where and how would you like to live in the future?


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