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History of hockey

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read the article and fill in suitable subtitles

fill the parts of the sentences to suitable place in the article:

a, was actually used in the game called "curling" in Scotland during the 18th century.

b, with Canada winning all five games.

c, and found to his amazement that there was far more accuracy in his shots.

d, who would make a call only if a team asked them to.

e, women got the opportunity to play hockey in the Olympics.

answer the question:

  • Can we precisely trace origins of hockey and its invention? Why?
  • Were there judges in history of hockey? What was their activity like?
  • When were the rules for the game drafted first? How did it influence the game?
  • Which player brought about the most importnt change in hockey equipment? How did it happen?
  • Which country prevailed in first years of ice hockey history?
find meaning of stressed words in the dictionary

History of Hockey:


The game of Hockey has been around from the time of early civilization. Some of the reports find the earliest origins of the game 4000 years back. Field hockey was reportedly played even before the birth of Christ. Basically known as the “ball and stick” game, it was played since ancient times in places diverse as Rome, Scotland, Egypt and South America. The game was referred to in different names but the basic idea of playing the game was the same. The most used term was “Hockie” by the Irish.

In the 17th and the early 18th century England, the game acquired a fiercely competitive and chaotic form. Villages would compete against their neighboring hamlets and there were nearly 100 players in one team. The game was a matter of pride and manhood; so the game acquired a dangerous form. The game would last for half a month and many players would end up injured or hurt. The umpires were there but they were more of mute spectators, ......... (1).

After some years, common sense and a logical and organized approach to the game came into play with the introduction of rules. The game was limited to 30 players for each team. The Eton College of England drafted some rules to bring sanity to the game. The results were quite positive and more rules like giving the umpire enough authority were soon drawn to improve the quality of the game.


The game of ice hockey probably evolved from the game of field hockey that was played in Northern Europe for hundreds of years. In fact, the “rink” or the playing area for ice hockey ...... (2). Initially there were as many as thirty players for each side and the goals were two stones frozen on one end of the ice. The rules for the game of ice hockey were drafted at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in the year 1879. Ice hockey found its way to the US in the year 1893. By the early 1900s, the sport had become prevalent in parts of Europe including the UK.


The first sticks were created of wood with a flat blade. In the 1920s, hockey players began to tape their sticks to increase the hold and strengthen the blade. The banana curve or the bend in the blade which we see today was developed during the phase between the years 1957-1980. A certain player named Bobby Hull broke a stick at a practice match and began to play around with the “bent” stick and ....... (3). In the early 1980s, the sticks were formed of metals. By the turn of the 21st century, there have been three types of hockey sticks-wood, composite (reinforced wood sticks) and aluminum.


The first year that hockey was played in the Olympics was in the year 1908. Only men were permitted to play the game. It was only in the year 1980, that ........ (4) .  Ice hockey was played in early April of 1920 as a part of the Olympic Summer Games in Antwerp, Belgium. The tournament was also famous for being the first World Hockey Championship. Canada was the clear cut winner in the championship. The first Olympic Winter Games were held in Chamonix, France, in the year 1924 ........ (5).
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