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Global issues – poverty – video and discussion

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1 Discussion:

  • How would you define poverty?
  • Which countries are considered poor? Why are they poor?
  • Are there poor people in the Czech Republic?
  • What problems do the poor have?
  • Can we help them? How?

2 Watch a video about poverty:

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3 Conversation:

  • How did you like the video?
  • Which slogans can you remember?
  • What issues were mentioned there?
  • What solutions were suggested?
  • Do you agree with the presented ideas?
  • Can you imagine living on less than 10 dollars a day / without electricity?
  • How much water do you think your family need a day?
  • Why do you think nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or sign their names?
  • Are you willing to help poor children / countries?
  • What are you ready to do?
  • Look at the following map and statistics and comment on them:

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