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Maturita Practice - The United States - Culture

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Maturita practice – The United States II

This exercise should serve you as a test of your knowledge for the oral part of maturita exam.

You are going to speak on your own about the topic The United States – Culture, Sport, History, Media, Sights. Use pictures below to illustrate your speech.

  • History
  • Media
  • National Parks
  • Places of interest
  • Other


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Picture key: buffalo in Yosemite National Park; Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona; Niagara Falls, border of Canadian province Ontario and US state of New York; Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; Statue of Liberty, New York; Hollywood, Los Angeles; White House, Washington; Cable News Network logo; Music Television logo; most popular sports - football, basketball, baseball; Marilyn Print by Andy Warhol; JFK; Abraham Lincoln, US President 1861 - 1865

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