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Homes in the UK and in the Czech Republic – video and speaking

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1 Watch the video and then discuss it:

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  • What types of houses are there in Britain?
  • How do the Robinsons live?
  • What rooms do they have downstairs and upstairs?
  • What do they have there / do there?
  • Compare their house with a typical Czech house.
  • How many cups of tea does an average British person drink per day? What do you think of it?
  • What pets do the British have?
  • Not all British live in homes like the Robinsons. Where else do they live?


2 Discussion:

  • What types of houses are there in the Czech Republic?
  • How are they organized? (How many rooms, what rooms, equipment, etc.)
  • What about the Czechs and their pets?
  • Where do you live? Do you live in a house or flat? Describe it.
  • Where and how would you like to live in the future? Why?


3 Work on your own. Imagine the situation: your family wants to sell your house / flat. Write an advert.

4 Exchange your ads with your partners. Read them. Then play a roleplay. One of you is the owner of the flat / house, the other is interested in buying it. Then change your roles with the other ad.






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