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Video – The Best Job in the World

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1 Discussion. Work in small groups first, then discuss your ideas and arguments with the whole class:

  • What do you think the best job in the world is? Why? Where? When? …
  • What do you think the video will be about? (job, locality, activities / duties, … )



2 Watch the video and answer these questions:

1 Where should the applicant for the job of caretaker work?

2 How much will they earn for 6 months?

3 What should they do?

4 What is required from the applicants?

5 How many hits per second received the website on the first day?

6 How many „lucky“ finalists will be flown to Australia for the final round of interviews?

7 When is the deadline for application for this job?

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3 Conversation:

  • Why do you think so many applicants have applied for the job?
  • Would you like to apply for it? Why?
  • What would you do there if you were chosen for the job? How would you spend your time there?




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